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Liquid handling process setup (so called dispensing) in automation, laboratory and medical branches are usually complex and needs a lot of specific knowledge. Failing in choosing the proper equipment in the very beginning of a project leads to significant losses in time and money. swiss dispensing ag offers a number of services for good dispense process setup (list not exhaustive):

Process setup package

  • Calculation of process parameters
  • Definition of liquid handling equipment
  • Choose of peripherical equipment

Lab package

  • Dispense of the viscous product with the specified dispensing head
  • Final production parameters used for lab test setup (targeted cycle time and volumes)
  • Machine capability of dispensing head and/or whole process
  • Optimisation of auxilliary equipment (tips, tubing, reservoirs etc)

Sample package

  • Prototyping of production line process
  • Production of golden samples or production batches under production conditions
  • Machine capability of prototype process (done on part and fixture)

Training package

  • Dispensing training for users
  • Workshops for decision makers

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